my little sister always eats my food and tries to pretend like she doesn’t but she’s literally the only person who does it and it’s really obvious what stuff is mine and even if I tell her which food is mine, she does it anyway and I will go to her room to ask her nicely not to eat my food and she will literally be eating my food when I walk in and still try to deny it like…. jesus the 5 year old can respect my belongings but the 11 year old can’t? ugh

this picture is so damn cute
this picture is so damn cute

finding old stickers I remember the exact day I made this ‘cause I found a $20 on the street that day lol

I’m too busy coughing and blowing my nose to breathe

My manager put me in charge of halloween decorations and I need to have a solid plan by Tuesday. My restrictions are it has to be cheap and require minimal artistic ability. So like this is awesome and I love it, I’m literally getting paid to decorate for my favorite holiday but also I’m stressing out because time restrictions and I’ve never decorated anything before.

definitely bringing my pink zebra print bandana to the show so I don’t have to go to the bathroom every time I need to blow my nose. definitely better than sniffling the entire time. maybe. it’s definitely gross and unsanitary but I don’t think I care a whole lot.

being the young responsible adult that I am, I stayed home sick from work but am still going to see bands play later. I’m also scared to go to work tomorrow because I didn’t find someone to cover for me, but you know what I don’t feel like that’s my responsibility and they probably dealt with it and I can just say I was sick and slept all day.