cat by DieWolfsseele

Anyways I’ve been thinking about gerbils a lot lately and I definitely wanna get a pair once I have my own place.
I swear once I’m on my own, I’m gonna have a fuckin petting zoo in my house. I can’t help it

having drunk sex on a playground is all fun and games until the next day when you’re grumpy, nursing a headache, and can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in because of bruises. •^•

having a job is really satisfying and I feel like I shouldn’t say that because I’ve worked literally 3 shifts and I might be jinxing myself but… it’s just so fun and the total opposite of school because I actually feel useful and appreciated and go home proud of myself…

Cube#252Title: One cube and two framesMaterial: Animation / gif / blenderYear: 2013

this wasn’t a request but on the theme of love and instinct..

I want smaller booooobs. I want at least B cups. I think one of my boobs in a B cup actually but the other one is a solid c and it’s dumb. Like even when I was a kid, I didn’t want notable boobs. My mom is barely an a cup and when I was in elementary school I told her “I want small boobs like yours” and I was genuinely upset when I hit b cups in fuckin 6th grade and then c in 7th like fuck this shit i went to Victoria’s Secret and they sized me at a D cup and I was horrified that that could be a possibility (they defs were wrong tho) I want a flat chest I want tiny boobs I want to not have this clear “female” identifier on my chest that I can do very little about