I love face washes and masks so much eeee like if my face feels gross, my entire day sucks, it doesn’t really matter if they work as long as I feel clean. I should get paid to test these things out I swear

My mom came in my room while I was sleeping this morning to borrow nail polish and in waking up all groggy hearing someone in my room, I thought it was Tristen and was excited but it was just my mom so I asked her to hand me my other blanket cause I was cold. I need to get a job so I can just live with him all the time because I’m ridiculous


The World Beyond - Caitlin Hackett


Developmental set of opossum fetuses, preserved as wet specimens.

Photo credit and available via Asylum Artwork & Oddities

Hermes is such a lovely rat. He’s the only one who let’s me actually pet him and he actually enjoys it, instead of just tolerating it. Sometimes when he’s sleeping, I’ll quietly open the cage and give him scratches and he’ll wake up, stretch, lick me, and go back to sleep. And when I take him out, if something startles him, he immediately runs back to me. :3 He’s also kind enough not to poop on me! And he generally holds his pee too. Dang how did I get so lucky with a feeder rat

deciding to take a shit and play games on my phone = someone knocks on the door or yells at me to do chores
every time without fail